Kiwi comes up with revolutionary fridge design

Post by Jeff Stevens on 25th September 2012 in Refrigeration

Kiwi comes up with revolutionary fridge design

A student from Wellington, New Zealand has come up with a design for a new fridge that could completely change the way people store food and drink.

Ben de la Roche, a third-year design student at Massey University, has been invited to fly across the world to present his concept, the Impress refrigerator, in front of a panel of industry experts. Unlike a traditional appliance, the Impress is a refrigeration wall that holds food and drinks.

A report by The Dominion Post said Ben has been selected as one of ten finalists in this year's Electrolux Design Lab 2012 competition, and will battle it out for the win on October 25 in the Italian city of Milan.

Ben says his design is environmentally friendly as it is only sections of the Impress fridge's wall that are in contact with a food or drink container that get cold. The fewer items there are to be chilled, the less energy it uses.

The youngster told the paper: "The concept for the Impress Refrigerator began as the rather immature idea of being able to physically throw your leftovers at the wall and they somehow would stay there and refrigerate.

"After the realisation of the inevitable issues in my idea, I began refining my concept, researching and finding inspiration in things such as the children's toy pin art."

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