Design students come up with combined shower and washing machine

Post by Tom Williams on 24th September 2012 in Technology

Design students come up with combined shower and washing machine

A group of designers have created an eco-friendly appliance that is capable of cleaning clothes and a human body at the same time.

Washit collects 'grey-water' from the shower and passes it through a carbon, organic and chemical filtering process, before treating it with UV rays. It is then stored and can be used for future showers or alternatively, washing clothes. Following a shower, a user can either reclaim their clothes or leave them for Washit to dry.

If more water is needed, the unit is able to refill itself via a connection to the mains supply.    

According to a report by the Daily Mail, the concept has come from a group of four Turkish design students. Their aim was to help people save water and encourage them to think differently about the way that they use water in their daily lives.

Two designs have been created, one for a domestic setting and another for public areas such as airports, gyms and music festivals.

The designers said: "With Washit, washing clothes in piles will become a thing of the past. Every time that user wants to take a shower, it will be an opportunity to wash his/her a few pieces of clothes without using any extra water."

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