New cooker comes with USB ports, gold-plating and a hefty price tag

Post by Tom Williams on 19th September 2012 in Technology, General industry

New cooker comes with USB ports, gold-plating and a hefty price tag

The ultimate in luxury, as far as kitchen appliances go, appears to have been unveiled by Swedish manufacturer Electrolux.

While the typical family unit has been forced to cut back on extravagances as a result of the recession, Electrolux believes high net worth individuals who love their cooking will be prepared to shell out for the ultimate in kitchen appliances.

The firm launched its Grand Cuisine range at the start of this week, describing it as a "breakthrough into a completely new product category" that will allow enthusiastic cooks to "recreate Michelin-star restaurant experiences at home".

The Electrolux Grand Cuisine is made up of nine parts including a combination oven, gas hob, vacuum sealer and a blast chiller.

The Kitchens are handmade and cost around £65,000 excluding VAT, depending on what refinements are included. Customers will also be able to add a French Molteni stove to their kitchen, complete with USB ports to allow recipes to be easily transferred. According to a report by the Daily Mail newspaper, it takes about 20 workers in excess of 500 hours to make the handcrafted stoves.

Electrolux chief executive Keith McLoughlin said: "The launch of Electrolux Grand Cuisine is a decisive strategic move. Electrolux has a long history of consumer insight driven innovation and professional expertise.

"You don't need to be a professional to get professional results with Electrolux Grand Cuisine. Intuitive and interactive touch screens make the products incredibly easy to use – whether you are whipping an egg white to create an airy meringue or creating the most succulent rack of lamb."

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