New fridge and freezer policy aimed at curbing fly-tipping

Post by George Dixon on 18th September 2012 in Refrigeration, General industry

New fridge and freezer policy aimed at curbing fly-tipping

Residents who live close to the eastern district civic amenity site on the Isle of Man will now have to pay when they want to recycle their old fridges and freezers.

The move brings Douglas Council in line with other council-run sites in the west, south and north of the island which already charge for the recycling of white goods.   

Under the old system, residents of Douglas, Onchan, Braddan, Laxey, Lonan and Santon were charged for the recycling service through their council rates. As of September 1, people now have to pay £14.34 to dispose of a standard size fridge and £19.14 for larger units, according to a report by

It is hoped that the new system will help to cut down on the number of instances of fly-tipping and domestic appliances left abandoned in the countryside.

Councillor Bill Malarkey said: "Introducing disposal fees is a more equitable charging mechanism in that the costs will be borne solely by those using the service rather than this being a rateborne charge.

"Importantly, as an environmentally responsible local authority we believe every effort should be made to provide ease of access to civic amenity sites island-wide as a measure to discourage the antisocial practice of fly-tipping."

A waste amnesty is being held in East Yorkshire over the coming weeks in order to cut down on the illegal dumping of white goods and waste.

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