Holyrood to announce Saltire Prize contestants

Post by Tom Williams on 28th August 2012 in General industry

Holyrood to announce Saltire Prize contestants

The renewable energy firms in the running for the £10m Saltire Prize are set to be named by the Scottish government. 

Members of the Holyrood cabinet are set to meet in Orkney this week, where the announcement will be made. The scheme was set up with the aim of encouraging the development of new wave and tidal power projects in Scotland’s waters. 

The successful contestant will be the one whose device generates the most electricity over two years. The current phase of the competition will run until 2017, providing other potential participants with more time to sign up for the scheme. 

“The marine energy sector has vast potential for Scotland, but what it needs is steady, solid, day-to-day support from government,” MSP and Scottish Green Party leader Patrick Harvie told BBC Scotland. “The tantalising offer of a cash prize one day for one winner is no substitute for that.” 

Earlier in the month, a report commissioned by the Scottish government indicated that fuel poverty rates could be on the increase north of the border, with 658,000 Scottish homes classed as being fuel poor.

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