UK consumers 'unaware of smart meters'

Post by George Dixon on 24th August 2012 in Energy saving

UK consumers 'unaware of smart meters'

A new survey has indicated that the majority of British consumers are unfamiliar with smart meters, ahead of a government scheme to introduce them across the country. 

According to research carried out by Ipsos Mori, 51 per cent of 2,396 participants said they had not heard of smart meters, with five per cent saying they already own one. However, the latter figure would appear to be significantly higher than current roll-out rates. 

"The advantage of the UK's unique supplier-led rollout is that it's in their interest to educate customers about the energy and money-saving benefits of smart meters to encourage participation and retain their customers," said Mark England, chief executive of smart meter firm Sentec. 

The Department of Energy and Climate Change, which commissioned the poll, predicts that households will save an average of £23 per year on utility bills by 2020 thanks to smart meters. One-fifth of those questioned opposed the introduction of the devices, with 32 per cent in favour. 

Earlier this week, gas and electricity supplier Scottish and Southern Energy announced it was to increase utility bills from October.

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