US mulls washing machine tariffs

Post by Jeff Stevens on 31st July 2012 in Laundry

US mulls washing machine tariffs

The US government has announced it could impose tariffs on some washing machines imported into the country from abroad. 

Following a recent request from American household appliances manufacturer LG, the Commerce Department stated this week that it favoured the introduction of duties on washing machines imported from South Korea and Mexico. 

According to the Commerce Department, Samsung and LG imported appliances from the two countries at below fair value – a practice commonly known as dumping. However, the decision is preliminary and will not be finalised until next January, after a more in-depth investigation. 

A spokesperson for Samsung said the company “strongly disagrees” with the Commerce Department’s assessment, and that it was confident the full probe would determine that the manufacturer was not in breach of American trade laws. 

LG Electronics, meanwhile, said it was prepared to “aggressively contest” the preliminary findings. 

Earlier this week, LG unveiled its new Lightwave Oven, which can be operated via smartphone and cooks food through the use of halogen light technology.

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