Gas body issues summer CO warning

Post by Jeff Stevens on 25th July 2012 in Appliance safety

Gas body issues summer CO warning

The organisation tasked with increasing gas safety awareness and protecting the public from unregistered workmen has urged the public to keep carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning at the front of their minds this summer.

Although the Gas Safe Register is usually concerned with safety issues related to domestic appliances and boilers, it is now calling on people to make sure they do not put themselves in danger when using gas and disposable barbecues.

Millions of Brits will go camping over the summer months but many are unaware of the dangers posed by small, disposable barbecues. In the last 12 months, seven campers have died following exposure to carbon monoxide fumes. As a result the Gas Safe Register has warned people not to sit too close to gas or charcoal barbecues and never to bring one into a tent.

Spokeswoman Sarah Hill said: "Many individuals are simply not aware of the significant risks of bringing a gas or charcoal barbeque into a tent or enclosed space. We are concerned that if the weather continues to be wet and cold over the summer more campers will be tempted to do this.

"Our message is simple - do not bring barbeques indoors, even if you think they have finished burning."

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