New LG fridge able to detect stale food

Post by George Dixon on 25th June 2012 in Technology, Refrigeration

New LG fridge able to detect stale food

Fridge technology that is capable of detecting if food has gone bad is about to be released by Korean consumer appliance manufacturer LG.

According to a report by, the 'smart fridge' is set to be released into the Indian market and will be capable of reading barcodes on items and then informing the user when the expiry date of a product has been reached.

Moon B. Shin, LG Electronics' executive vice-president and chief executive of Home Appliances, said the fridge will also be capable of helping families plan nutritious meals and order groceries online through its LCD panel.

Mr Shin said LG needed to incorporate this type of new technology into its products in order set the firm apart from the competition and allow it to compete in India.

"The Indian market is very complex and customers need value for money," he added. "Unless we differentiate ourselves by going up the value chain and offer products that make life easier for the user, it will be impossible even to compete."

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