Virgin moves into small domestic appliance sector

Post by Kevin Jackson on 31st May 2012 in Technology

Virgin moves into small domestic appliance sector

Entrepreneur Richard Branson has announced the launch of the Virgin Pure water filtration system.

The product is the result of a hook-up between Virgin and Israeli water firm Strauss Water and both companies hope that it will change the way that people in the UK drink water at home.

According to a report by the Huffington Post, 10 million homes in the UK already either use some form of water filtration system or buy bottled water from the shops, preferring to stay away from tap water.

Virgin Pure machines will be capable of delivering chilled, warm and boiling water. Along with the initial cost of £299 or £379, depending on the model, consumers will also have to sign up to a monthly subscription which will cost either £11 or £12. The monthly charge includes a free repair service, and covers the cost of replacement UV lamps and filters.

Asked whether people would be prepared to pay for chilled water on a monthly basis, Branson told the news website: "We've had experience of dealing with eight million people through Virgin Media in homes, looking after their fixed line and cable needs.

"Water is an essential part of life, people spend a lot of money on water and this will make their water consumption so much easier… so we're hopeful."

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