R.White's night-time fridge thief returns to small screen

Post by George Dixon on 29th May 2012 in Refrigeration

One of the longest-running television campaigns from the 1970s has been resurrected to sell a new line of ice lollies.

The R White's secret lemonade drinker advert with its catchy jingle was a huge hit with the public following its launch in 1973. The ad showed actor Julian Chargrin creeping down the stairs to raid his fridge for R White's lemonade in the middle of the night, before being caught red-handed by his wife.

The television commercial, which ran for almost nine years, used a backing track sung by Ross MacManus, the father of Elvis Costello.

For the new advert, Mr Chargrin reprises his role, but instead of making his way through a house in the dead of night to empty the fridge of lemonade, he reaches for a lemonade ice lolly. The 'secret lemonade licker' advert also features actress Harriet Philpin who starred alongside Chargrin in the original.

According to a report by Brand Republic, the new ad launched last night on UKTV's Gold channel to coincide with the start of National Ice Cream Week.

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