US cop charged after using neighbour's washing machine

Post by George Dixon on 28th May 2012 in Laundry

US cop charged after using neighbour's washing machine

A policeman from Pennsylvania in the United States has been charged after allegedly breaking into his neighbour's home to do some laundry.

According to a report by the news website, the officer has been accused of entering his next-door neighbour's property on Marie Avenue in Avalon, and then using a washing machine and a tumble dryer. His excuse – he simply needed to do some laundry.

Jason Rocco has now been charged with trespassing as well as criminal mischief.

The news broadcaster said the owner of the property noticed that something was wrong after receiving an electricity bill for the house and spotting the spike in usage, despite the fact that no one was supposed to be living there.

After paying a visit to investigate, the homeowner walked into the property to find his dryer running with a load of clean washing inside, including a police issue t-shirt. Officers believe Mr Rocco broke in through the rear of the property, although he claims the door was already open.

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