Householders warned of CO danger

Post by Tom Williams on 25th May 2012 in Appliance safety

Householders warned of CO danger

A new study has indicated that the vast majority of UK homes may be without carbon monoxide (CO) detectors, potentially leaving residents at risk of exposure to dangerous fumes. 

According to research conducted by Liverpool John Moores University in conjunction with fire and rescue services in the West Midlands and Merseyside, 90 per cent of the 27,000 homes visited by firefighters were not equipped with a CO detector. 

Closer analysis of 173 properties in Liverpool and Coventry, meanwhile, found that more than one-fifth contained CO levels in excess of 50 parts per million. On average, 50 people are killed each year in England and Wales as a result of CO poisoning. 

“The study results show that with the lack of ownership of CO alarms in the Coventry and Liverpool areas there is a significant risk of an increase in CO-related incidents occurring within homes,” said lead academic Dr Andrew Shaw. “These are the initial findings from this study but the figures will continue to be analysed.” 

Last month, Gas Safe Register reminded landlords thinking of renting properties out during this summer’s Olympics that they were obliged to meet gas safety requirements. 

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