Firefighters tackle dishwasher fire

Post by George Dixon on 24th May 2012 in Appliance safety

Firefighters tackle dishwasher fire

Worcestershire firefighters have reminded residents of the importance of having working smoke alarms, after a faulty dishwasher at a home in Bromsgrove caught fire this week.  

According to the Bromsgrove Advertiser, crews were despatched to a flat in Marlborough Court in the early hours of Tuesday morning to ensure the fire, which caused damage to the kitchen and hallway, was fully extinguished. 

“A woman living at the address thought she smelt smoke during the night and then discovered the burnt dishwasher in the morning as she went into her kitchen,” said station commander Mark Strutt. “Fortunately, the kitchen door was shut and the fire, starved of oxygen, burnt itself out without spreading any further.” 

Mr Strutt added that as the flat had no working smoking alarms, its resident was “extremely lucky” to have escaped without injury. Householders are urged to install smoke alarms at each level of their home and test them on a weekly basis. 

The Bracknell Times reported earlier in the week that firefighters had attended the scene of a separate dishwasher fire at a home in Ascot, having been alerted by a neighbour who smelled smoke.

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