Agency gets creative with approach to timesheets

Post by George Dixon on 30th April 2012 in Refrigeration

Agency gets creative with approach to timesheets

A creative agency in Brazil has taken a novel approach to ensure its employees complete their timesheets at the end of each working week.

It's the one task that no one looks forward to on a Friday afternoon, and it's often the case that many people try to escape for the weekend without doing it. But Casa, a digital and innovation hub belonging to international marketing and communications firm JWT, seem to have found an incentive that works.

The Brazil-based agency has taken a domestic refrigerator and linked it electronically to the company's timesheet system. Once all of the timesheets have been completed for the week, the fridge is automatically unlocked and staff get access to the bottles of cold beer inside.

According to a report by, the Drink Time Sheet idea was part incentive, part social experiment. And as well as successfully encouraging the agency's workers to get their timesheets submitted on time, it has generated considerable press coverage for the company.

Casa said today that its campaign had been mentioned 430 times on Twitter and featured on 62 blogs, while the accompanying video had been watched more than 33,000 times.

Casa has even created a step-by-step guide to help other companies around the world design their own timesheet-linked beer fridge.

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