Water meters ‘could cut costs’

Post by Tom Williams on 30th April 2012 in General industry

Water meters ‘could cut costs’

A consumer group has suggested that switching to water meters could help many consumers cut their bills by making usage easier to monitor. 

The Consumer Council for Water’s online water meter calculator has so far identified savings of around £250,000 for 2,500 consumers since the start of the month – an average saving of £100 per household. Single-occupant households could be particularly well placed to benefit. 

“People can ask their water company for a water meter to be fitted free of charge,” said Consumer Council for Water chair Dame Yve Buckland. “They can switch back within a year if they change their mind, or don't make the savings they were expecting.” 

Dame Buckland also added that where water suppliers are unable to install meters, they are obliged to offer an average charge which could also reap rewards for consumers. Providers including Thames Water have already stepped up plans to introduce meters to help householders keep tabs on usage. 

South East Water warned last week that the drought restrictions affecting some parts of the UK remained in place, despite the substantial amount of rainfall seen this month. 

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