Eight-week-old kitten rescued from washing machine

Post by George Dixon on 27th April 2012 in Laundry

Eight-week-old kitten rescued from washing machine

Firefighters in Yorkshire were called to attend an unusual rescue situation this morning after a cat got itself stuck in a domestic appliance.

The eight-week-old moggie found its way around the back of its owner’s washing machine and then got its head stuck and was unable to escape.  Animal charity the RSPCA was informed of the accident and called South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue for assistance.

Firefighters arrived at the property on Great North Road in the Woodlands area of Doncaster and opted to use a pair of metal cutters to free the kitten from the machine.   

A statement released by South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue this afternoon said that the kitten was none the worse for its ordeal.

A similar rescue had to be staged in Edinburgh at the start of this month when a cat found its way into the kitchen of Andrew and Elaine Lyell. The cat panicked when he saw the householder and fled behind a set of kitchen units where he remained a prisoner for 28 hours.

It wasn’t until a plumber from Scottish Gas was called out to the property to remove some of the kitchen’s pipe fittings that the animal managed to escape. According to a report by the Edinburgh Evening News the cat didn’t come to any harm.

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