Samsung brings new range of Smart televisions to the UK

Post by Tom Williams on 25th April 2012 in Technology

Samsung brings new range of Smart televisions to the UK

Electronics giant Samsung has brought its latest range of plasma and LED televisions to Britain.

The company unveiled the new products earlier this year during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but only launched the products yesterday.

The sets use voice recognition technology which allows users to adjust the volume, open applications such as Lovefilm or Netflix, and turn the televisions off without having to either get up or hunt for the remote control.

A report by Tech Radar said the televisions can also be controlled through the use of motion sensors. Smart Evolution technology will also allow the products to be updated when new software is made available by Samsung.

Robert King, Samsung's vice-president of consumer electronics, said: "By combining Smart Interaction, Smart Content and Smart Evolution with true-to-life picture quality and 3D functionality into an amazingly thin form factor, Samsung is enabling consumers to experience the future of Smart TV, today."

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