British firm hopes new appliance will clean up in vacuum sector

Post by George Dixon on 24th April 2012 in Technology, Energy saving

British firm hopes new appliance will clean up in vacuum sector

A Worcestershire-based company has launched a new product that it hopes will revolutionise the vacuum cleaner market.

Gtech has unveiled its cordless AirRam appliance – a machine, the company claims, which could save homeowners more than £250 on their energy bills over five years.

According to a report by technology website Pocket Lint, the machine is charged using a computer and only uses 100 watts of electricity, which is stored in a lithium-ion battery. It will last for around 40 minutes per charge and uses about 20 times less power than some other vacuums.   

According to the company, the AirRam is the "world's most high performance cordless vacuum cleaner" and despite its low power needs, can match leading mains-powered vacuums in terms of cleaning performance.

The AirRam, which has gone on sale in John Lewis stores, doesn't come with a bag to collect dust. Instead it has been designed to compress dirt into 'bales' just above the head of the machine which can then be dropped into a bin.

For people looking to build up a sweat while they do the housework, the AirRam will even tell them how many calories they've burned while vacuuming.

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