Gas Safe Register warns Olympic landlords to get checked

Post by Kevin Jackson on 23rd April 2012 in Appliance safety

Gas Safe Register warns Olympic landlords to get checked

The UK's official gas safety registration body has reminded anyone thinking of letting their home out to paying tenants during the Olympics, to ensure their properties meet the legal requirements.

The Gas Safe Register has said that anyone letting out their home, even if only for a short period during the 2012 Olympic Games, must ensure their property's gas appliances, flues and pipework are safe.

Landlords have a legal obligation to ensure gas repairs, gas appliance installations and safety checks are carried out by trained and registered professionals. They must also ensure that each appliance and flue has had an annual safety check before a new lease starts.

Failing to comply with the regulations could lead to a large fine, or even a prison sentence. In the past year, 13 landlords have been prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive, with courts issuing fines ranging from £400 to £24,000.

Paul Johnston, chief executive of Gas Safe Register, said: "Some may also think that failing to do an annual check on gas appliances, or having a landlord’s gas safety record for a short-term rental isn’t that important. What they fail to realise is that these checks are legal requirements and are in place to save lives."

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