Firefighters issue warning following oven blaze

Post by George Dixon on 28th February 2012 in

Firefighters issue warning following oven blaze

Homeowners have been urged to make sure they keep flammable items away from cookers and stoves following a house fire in Kent.

Firefighters were called to a property in the village of Horsmonden, near Royal Tunbridge Wells, on Saturday night after a fire broke out in the kitchen of a family home. According to a report by the Kent Messenger newspaper, the blaze began after a basket of washing was left on top of a stove and the cooker was accidentally switched on.

Emergency crews treated a man for burns after he picked up the basket in order to remove it from the house.

Ken Collins, crew manager from Paddock Wood fire station, stressed the importance of never leaving items which could potentially catch fire near sources of ignition, as well as the need for working smoke detectors.

He said: "The family's working smoke alarm alerted them to the fire and so they were able to escape to safety.

"However, this incident is a good reminder to everyone never to leave anything flammable near cookers or heaters, and to avoid tackling fires themselves. Our message is to get out and call the fire service."

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