Residents urged to fill washing machines

Post by Jeff Stevens on 27th February 2012 in

Residents urged to fill washing machines

Homeowners living in southern and eastern England have been advised not to waste water, now much of the area is officially experiencing a state of drought.

Thames Water has said that the past two years have been exceptionally dry in London and the Thames Valley area with only two drier periods recorded since records began in 1884.

As part of efforts to save water, companies are urging customers to avoid using more water than is strictly necessary by making changes to their regular routines. According to reports, making sure that domestic appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers are full before they are turned on is one way of helping to conserve the precious resource.

Other steps people are being asked to take to reduce their water consumption include fitting their showers with water-saving gadgets and turning off the tap when brushing teeth, which can save six litres of water per minute.

Environment secretary Caroline Spelman said following a water summit on Monday: "It is not just the responsibility of government, water companies and businesses to act against drought. We are asking for the help of everyone by urging them to use less water and to start now."

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