Technology will be at the centre of 2027 homes, says report

Post by Kevin Jackson on 24th February 2012 in

Technology will be at the centre of 2027 homes, says report

Internet technology will play a major role in the way homes are designed in the future.

That's the view of futurist Dr Frank Shaw, who said in a new report that by 2027, a whole range of "sci-fi" innovations will be integrated into family homes.

According to the Evening Standard, Dr Shaw believes that before long kitchen worktops could be covered in heat sensitive panels that will be able to read the temperature of objects placed on them and then react, for instance by keeping cold drinks chilled.

The report, commissioned by broadband provider Plusnet, claims that appliances such as televisions, computers and security systems will soon be interconnected.

At the start of this year a smart fridge capable of monitoring food stocks was unveiled by electronics firm LG. According to the report, this technology will soon be integrated into cupboards smart enough to order directly from a shop.  

Jamie Ford, chief executive of Plusnet, said: "The next 15 years will see an exciting transformation where we integrate smart devices into the home."

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