Firefighters warn of appliance danger

Post by Kevin on 26th January 2012 in

Firefighters warn of appliance danger

Householders have been reminded of the potential dangers of electrical appliances, after crews in Dorset attended an incident involving a washing machine. 

According to the Dorset Echo, two fire crews were despatched to a home in Dorchester on Tuesday afternoon after being alerted to a washing machine fire. Upon their arrival, they found the fire had been extinguished by the occupant using a dry powder extinguisher.

The device was subsequently isolated and removed from the house, and it is thought a short circuit in its electrical motor was the cause of the problem. With Electrical Fire Safety Week underway, Dorset Fire and Rescue Service urged residents to ensure they take care to maintain appliances. 

“Half of all accidental fires begin with an electrical appliance, so it’s really important to be sure that your electrics are in good working order and are used properly,” said community engagement manager Kate Huelin. 

Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue service also joined the campaign this week, revealing that damaged or misused electrical devices were responsible for 64 fires across the two counties in 2011.

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