Householders urged to check appliances

Post by Tom on 24th January 2012 in

Householders urged to check appliances
Householders have been reminded of the importance of checking domestic appliances on a regular basis in order to ensure they are in full working order.
According to the Plymouth Herald, a family from the Southway district were forced to flee their home after their gas boiler caught fire in the early hours of Monday morning. Fire crews were despatched from nearby Crownhill and Camels Head and the family were sent to hospital.
“The fire had the potential to be a life threatening serious incident,” said Crew Commander Higman of Crownhill Fire Station. “It really could have been quite nasty so I need to stress the importance of having working fire alarms.”
Mr Higman advised householders to give appliances the once-over before bedtime in order to ensure they are properly switched off.  He added that fire safety packs will be sent to residents in the area in an attempt to prevent future incidents such as the one in Southway.
Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service this week asked campsite owners to sign up to its new carbon monoxide safety awareness register.

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