Decorated fridge causes bomb scare

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Decorated fridge causes bomb scare

A fridge which was decorated to look like an Apache helicopter narrowly avoided being blown up by the authorities in America.

Police in Durham, North Carolina, were alerted by a member of the public to a suspicious-looking refrigerator which had been dumped at the town's tip. According to a report by the Herald Sun newspaper, the appliance was black and had "markings of a military-type aircraft".

Lieutenant Tony Prignano, who leads the Durham County Sheriff’s bomb squad, said: "It had little locking bars on it where you couldn't get into it and signs that made reference to explosives."

The bomb squad used a remote control robot to break the lock, but the explosives experts discovered the fridge contained nothing but cardboard.

After recognising his domestic appliance on the television news, the owner rushed to the landfill site to reassure everyone that it was not dangerous.

Lt Prignano added: "He had put the locking mechanisms on there to make sure that no kids climbed inside. And also, for some reason, it was dressed up like an Apache helicopter. I don’t know why."

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