Police hunt gang of washing machine thieves

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Police hunt gang of washing machine thieves

Police in Sweden are searching for a gang believed to be behind the theft of a number of domestic appliances from student accommodation in the north of the country.

According to a report by Swedish newspaper The Local, eight washing machines and dryers have been stolen in the last few days.

The latest raid took place on Tuesday night, when a gang stole two washing machines and two clothes dryers from a newly-built student accommodation block in Lulea. In a separate incident, two more appliances were taken from the same site over the Christmas weekend.

The owner of the building has now hired a private security firm to prevent any further raids.

According to police, the domestic appliances were stolen by an "organized gang of criminals".

In the UK, police are stepping up efforts to combat metal thefts. Washing machines are often targeted by thieves who then sell them on to scrap merchants.

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