Students help spread gas safety message

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Students help spread gas safety message

A group of students in Norwich have helped highlight the importance of gas safety.

In a bid to encourage homeowners and businesses in the city to make sure that their gas appliances are in good working order, pupils from Sewell Park College helped to design part of Norwich City Council's new gas safety leaflet.

According to a report by Norwich Evening News, youngsters at the school came up with a series of posters designed to send home the message that gas safety should always be a top priority. Two winning designs will now be used on the front the council's leaflet.

Council leader Brenda Arthur, who helped to judge the competition, said: "The young people very effectively got the vital gas safety message across in this competition.

"It is terrific that so many children were inspired to create such helpful posters."

Research carried out by Gas Safe Register, the official list of engineers legally allowed to fit and repair gas appliances in the UK, found that an estimated nine million homes fail to have an annual gas safety check carried out.

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