Homeowners turn to range-style ovens with modern features

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Homeowners turn to range-style ovens with modern features

An increasing number of cooks are deciding to fit range ovens in their homes in a bid to evoke that traditional kitchen feel.

But rather than opting for heavy enamelled ovens, according to a report by the Daily Telegraph, people are choosing to install modern versions which combine the looks of ranges from yesteryear with plenty of modern features.

The increasing cost of fuel and a squeeze on consumer spending cooled the appetite of British homeowners for traditional cookers, but the functionality of the modern ranges is said to have once again ignited the desire for more traditional ovens.

The newspaper said: "Unlike a traditional range, which takes hours to heat, these ovens come on when you need to use them and can be turned off just as easily. Each oven and hotplate functions independently, so you can cook dinner for one or make a family meal without racking up huge bills."

Another feature which is attracting consumers to modern range cookers produced by manufacturers such as Scholtes is their size. Small models designed to fit into today's home without fuss are proving ever popular.

Earlier this year Leamington Spa-based oven manufacturer AGA unveiled its latest Total Control design which incorporates the styling of a traditional range with touchscreen controls.   

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