Family homeless after appliance fire

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Family homeless after appliance fire

A family from Blackburn have found themselves homeless after a spark from a domestic appliance caused a blaze which ripped through their property.

A fault at an electrical substation in Blackburn town centre last week, which led to a power cut, is believed to have been behind the fire. Jousra Tounsi and her three children were forced to flee their home after their fridge blew up and caused a major blaze.

According to a report by the Lancashire Telegraph, Ms Tounsi noticed that some of her electrical appliances had begun smouldering following the power cut and that plugs had become blackened. After contacting her electricity company she was told she would have to wait until the next day for an engineer to visit. Later that night the fire broke out.

She told the paper: "I knew when I was looking at the plugs that they were dangerous but the electricity people weren't willing to help me so there was nothing I could do and we just went to bed as normal.

"It was terrifying being woken up by the smoke alarm and there was just black smoke everywhere and we couldn't breathe."

Ms Tounsi and her children are now staying with friends.

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