Council in fly-tipping warning

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Council in fly-tipping warning

A local council near London has issued a warning to anyone caught fly-tipping, following the discovery of 15 bags of rubbish in a country lane.

According to a report by the Thurrock Gazette newspaper, bags of waste containing bricks, garden cuttings and a bizarrely, number of tins of pilchards, was dumped on Rainbow Lane, Corringham, last week. Council officials are now working to track down those responsible.

It cost the council £500 to clear up the mess and it is now hoping to find the culprits and make them pay. The council has also warned anyone thinking about getting rid of an electrical appliance to go through a firm registered with the Environment Agency. Anyone caught carrying waste illegally faces a £300 on the spot fine.   

Lynn Worrall, Thurrock Council’s member for community, culture and leisure, said: "Dumping rubbish in any part of our borough is not acceptable and we will prosecute those responsible for ruining our communities.

"In times of financial constraints the money used to clear this rubbish could have been used to improve other parts of Thurrock not clear up mess left by the irresponsible."

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