Angry consumer smashes up fridge outside Siemens' HQ

Post by Jeff on 24th November 2011 in

Angry consumer smashes up fridge outside Siemens' HQ

A well known Chinese blogger has smashed his fridge to pieces in front of Siemens' Chinese headquarters.

Luo Yonghao, founder of popular internet blogs and, was supposedly angry with the level of customer service he received from German electronics manufacturer Siemens. 

According to the news website CRI Online, the blogger had discovered a fault with his fridge door which wouldn't close properly. However, it's claimed that he failed to get Siemens to accept there was a fault, despite other customers getting in touch with similar stories after hearing of Yonghao's problem.

In a bid to draw attention to the issue, Yonghao and his supporters took a number of domestic appliances to Siemens' headquarters in Beijing and began smashing the products to bits with sledgehammers. They carried placards with slogans which included "Siemens: You'd better close the door..."

Siemens has reportedly denied there is a widespread fault with its fridges but has offered inspections and fridge repairs to people who have faulty doors.

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