Fire safety crucial at Christmas, say firefighters

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Fire safety crucial at Christmas, say firefighters

Firefighters have reminded householders to keep their wits about them when it comes to appliance and fire safety over Christmas. 

Speaking to the North West Evening Mail, Barrow Fire Station watch manager Paul Milburn advised residents to stay alert to potential fire risks around the home, suggesting that investing in smoke alarms before the festive season kicks off may be a particularly shrewd move. 

“Take a step back and have a look and think of the risks that come from the actions you take. A lot of it is just common sense,” he said, adding that Christmas tends to be a particularly busy period for fire crews as more people make use of open and gas fires. 

His remarks came after Barrow resident Lee Jackson was forced to flee his property following a fire in his kitchen. A box had been placed on top of a cooker hob which had inadvertently been turned on, subsequently causing the contents of the container to go up in flames. 

Earlier in the week, consumer campaigning charity Which? urged householders to ensure they have any gas appliances serviced at least once a year by a Gas Safe-registered professional.

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