Which? calls for action on tariffs

Post by Kevin on 27th October 2011 in

Which? calls for action on tariffs

Consumer campaigning organisation Which? has urged regulator Ofgem to do more to simplify confusing gas and electricity tariffs. 

With the industry watchdog currently undertaking a review into the UK retail market, Which? warned that the plans announced so far would do little to force utility providers to simplify their offerings. However, it did describe the proposals as an “important step in the right direction”. 

“It does not go far enough to solve the problems that consumers face,” said Which? executive director Richard Lloyd. “In our research, only one out of the 36 people we tested could work out their energy costs. It's time to clear up the confusion so that energy customers can easily compare different suppliers.” 

Which? is calling for energy firms to adopt a tariff including a standardised daily standing charge covering the cost of keeping consumers connected to the network, as well as a simple unit price for any energy units used. The group says this will make it easier for customers to compare prices between different companies. 

Earlier in the week, Asda’s Income Tracker revealed that in September, the average British household had just £163 per week to spend after energy bills - £15 less than in August.

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