Samsung launches new washing machine

Post by Kevin on 29th September 2011 in

Samsung launches new washing machine

Electronics giant Samsung has unveiled the latest addition to its range of environmentally-friendly washing machines. 

In a statement issued this week, the South Korean group revealed that the new Ecobubble washing machine is the first of its kind to generate special bubbles, which make the device more efficient by enhancing the performance of cold water washes. 

The bubbles soak into fabrics quickly, so detergents can get into clothes and break down stains more effectively and reducing the appearance of residues and soap stains. The device has a load capacity of 12kg, the largest of any washing machine available in Europe in a standard cabinet. 

“Our goal is to answer identified consumer requirements with well-engineered and stylishly designed digital appliances, built around practical technologies that really do something to make a difference,” said Samsung Electronics Levant home appliance sales manager Mohammed al Summar. 

Earlier this month, LG offered consumer group Which? a sneak preview of its new six-motion Direct Drive technology, which also has a load capacity of 12kg, can shift clothing around in six different ways and allows users to control some functions via smartphone applications.

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