Households ‘cutting back on boiler cover’

Post by Tom on 28th September 2011 in

Households ‘cutting back on boiler cover’

A new survey has indicated that many Britons are looking to save money by going without boiler cover, even though doing so could cost more in the long run. 

According to research carried out by price comparison website, nearly six out of ten householders questioned admitted to having no boiler cover in place, with 48 per cent considering it an “unnecessary expense” even though 22 per cent said their boiler had broken down last winter. 

“As household budgets continue to be squeezed, consumers may be tempted to make savings wherever they can,” said energy expert Kevin Sears. “However, going without boiler cover could leave you strapped for cash if your boiler packs up.” 

Mr Sears pointed out that with the average repair bill last year standing at £320, boiler breakdowns can cause real financial problems for householders already struggling to cover the cost of rising energy prices. He also advised residents to ensure they shop around rather than just choosing their gas supplier’s cover. 

Firefighters from Worcestershire this week reminded householders to ensure their gas appliances are regularly serviced by a qualified professional, after a Stourport woman was treated for carbon monoxide poisoning.

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