Man treated after oven fire

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Man treated after oven fire

A man from Watford has been treated for smoke inhalation after his oven caught fire in the early hours of yesterday morning. 

According to the Watford Observer, the unnamed individual was helped out of his South Oxhey flat by firefighters from Watford and Garston at 1am on Monday. The crews subsequently found smoke coming out of his oven, with the remnants of food left inside. 

“Some cooking had been left in the oven and caused quite a lot of smoke,” said Watford Fire Station crew commander Adrian Parker. “When we arrived we did not need to do any fire fighting. We isolated what was giving off the smoke and led a member of the public to safety.” 

Paramedics treated the man at the scene and firefighters were present for about an hour. Neighbours were initially alerted by the flat’s smoke alarm, which Mr Parker observed had “done its job”. 

Earlier this month, an elderly couple from Berkshire escaped from their home after their fridge-freezer caught fire. Their kitchen and ceiling were severely damaged in the ensuing blaze.

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