New students lack life skills, survey finds

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New students lack life skills, survey finds

A new study has revealed that many new students often lack basic skills and have never used common household appliances. 

According to research from Sainsbury’s Finance, more than two-thirds – or 69 per cent – of freshers polled had never paid a utility bill, while only nine per cent had previously used a dishwasher. Over one in ten said they had never cooked, with 13 per cent having never done their own ironing. 

“Living alone for the first time with the responsibility for studying, managing finances and making new friends can be a daunting prospect,” said spokeswoman Natasha Virtue. “There are lots of helpful tools online.” 

Just under one-quarter of participants admitted to never having shopped for food on their own before and 18 per cent had never opened a savings account.  Less than one-third of those questioned said they had paid rent in the past. 

Last week, Kingston University student Lee Wei Chen unveiled a new washing machine which includes a video game, allowing successful players to win free cycles after an initial payment of £3.

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