UK water company launches water-saving initiative

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UK water company launches water-saving initiative

Thames Water is calling on residents in Oxford to do their bit to help the environment and stop wasting water.

A survey carried out by the firm found that 97 per cent of people living in Oxford feel guilty about wasting water. In response it has created a special website which allows people to calculate their water usage and provides tips on how to cut down and prevent wastage.

One of the suggestions put forward by Thames Water is to stop putting small loads in the washing machine and instead wait until you have enough for a full load. This small change can save eight litres of water per home, per day.

Using a dishwasher can use considerably less water than washing dishes by hand, while rinsing plates and cutlery under a running tap is out. It's estimated this can waste up to 17 litres of water a day.

Richard Aylard, director of sustainability at Thames Water, said: "It may seem like it’s always raining, but we’ve had below average rainfall across our region for nine of the past 12 months, while drought has been declared in other parts of the UK. Come rain or shine water should never be wasted."

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