New Aga model key to company growth

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New Aga model key to company growth

Sales of a new model of Aga cooker, introduced earlier this year, will be crucial in helping the UK company to improve its fortunes, the firm has said.

According to a report by the Press Association, Warwickshire-based Aga Rangemaster has sold 300 models of its Total Control Aga since the new design was unveiled in May.

Although sales for the company as a whole were slow during the first half of the year, the new addition to the Aga family is expected to have a strong impact on sales during the rest of 2011.

William McGrath, chief executive at Aga Rangemaster, said: "The group is confident that it is well positioned to be a major beneficiary of any upturn in consumer confidence."

Unlike previous models, the new Aga Total Control heats up within 20 minutes rather than six hours like some previous models, a feature likely to be popular with busy professionals.

The company's use of electric elements within one of its ovens for the first time is not the only technical advancement however. Aga is currently working on a smartphone app that will allow users to switch their range on remotely.

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