Teachers told to cough up $90 for fridge access

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Teachers told to cough up $90 for fridge access

School teachers in the US state of Florida have been banned from keeping mini-refrigerators in their classrooms unless they pay a $90 (£55) charge.

A report by news provider KEPR said teachers in the Pasco School District will now have to fork out for the privilege of having a small fridge as part of an energy efficiency and money saving drive. Coffee pots, microwaves, heaters and fans have also been banned from classrooms.

The decision has left some teachers up in arms, and KEPR reported that some claim they are being ripped off. One teacher described the situation as the "fleecing of Pasco School District teachers".

The main problem does not seem to be with the charge itself, but the amount being demanded. One teachers said their fridge will only use around $27 of electricity a year, while others can cost as little as $7.

However, Randy Nunemaker, Pasco School District director of support services, said a number of factors were taken into account when the fee level was set.

He said: "There are new refrigerators that may be more energy efficient," he says. "And there are older models that can be less. So, from an individual standpoint, there may be those concerns, but we tried to meet the average."

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