Bosch survey reveals misconceptions about washing-up

Post by Jeff on 24th August 2011 in

Bosch survey reveals misconceptions about washing-up

Results of a new survey have revealed that almost half of all Americans believe washing dishes by hand is more eco-friendly than using a dishwasher.

The research, carried out by Los Angeles-based Impulse Research on behalf of appliance manufacturer Bosch, also found that one third of respondents overestimated the amount of water a dishwasher actually uses.

According to the company, a dishwasher can use as little as two to three gallons of water in one cycle. To clean the same number of pots by hand could use more than 40 gallons said Bosch. Separate research by the US government in 2007 discovered that rinsing dishes can use up to 20 gallons of water before a dish has even been cleaned.   

Micaela Shaw, brand manager for Bosch home appliances, said: "We were shocked to learn that Americans think washing dishes by hand saves water.

"In actuality, hand washing dishes requires 43 gallons of water compared to a Bosch dishwasher that uses as little as two gallons."

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