American city to reuse wastewater from washing machines

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American city to reuse wastewater from washing machines

Residents in the Southern Californian city of Long Beach will soon be making the most of their available water supply by reusing wastewater from washing machines.

Under the Laundry to Landscape initiative 36 locals will take part in a trial aimed at conserving water. The idea is to adapt washing machines so water from the washing process, known as greywater, can be siphoned off and then stored before being used to water trees, shrubs and gardens.

Once participants have been chosen, washing machine repair experts will be called in to fit converters to the machines involved in the trial. Underground drip irrigation systems will be used to distribute water across the properties' backyards. It's estimated that each system will cost about £460 to install.

City council member James Johnson said: "Long Beach, like all Southern California cities, will continue to face water scarcity over the long run and today. What we're saying as a community is we're going to plan for that long run.

"We need to use the water we already have in smarter ways instead of discarding it into our sewers, and that's what this is all about."

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