LG to expand in Europe

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LG to expand in Europe

Appliance manufacturer LG has announced a major expansion at one of its key European production hubs in Poland.

The company said the move forms part of its plan to become the world's largest home appliance business within four years. A new manufacturing line, designed to produce the company's washing machines, will result in an increased capacity of 700,000 units per year.

Changes to the company's fridge manufacturing processes are expected to result in capacity expanding from the current level of 300,000 units per year to 1.4 million units per year by the start of 2012.

Young-ha Lee, president and chief executive of LG Electronics Home Appliance Company, said: "The European appliance market is critical to our future success and we are confident in our ability to keep up with the growing demand from consumers there.

"Increasing our presence in Poland allows us to better address Europe and North Africa’s demands, putting us on course to become the world’s top home appliance company by the middle of the decade."

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