Flat screen energy use down by almost two-thirds

Post by The Commander on 29th July 2011 in

Flat screen energy use down by almost two-thirds

New flat screen televisions now consume up to 60 per cent less energy on average compared with models released five years ago.

A report by electrical energy efficiency website sust-it, said not only are today's televisions better for the environment, but also for consumers' pockets. It found that the cost of running a 42-inch plasma television bought in 2006 would have cost around £79 a year to run. A similar model bought today would use about six times less energy per year, resulting in running costs of around £14.

From December, consumers will find it much easier to work out exactly how energy efficient the appliance they are looking to buy is. Any television sold in the UK will have to come with a European Energy Label attached by the end of the year. Currently the scheme is voluntary.

Consumers will be able to look out for the dark green band which will signify an A+++ rating and avoid machines which fit into the dark red category and are the least energy efficient.

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