Kitten survives spin cycle

Post by Kevin on 27th July 2011 in

Kitten survives spin cycle

A small kitten which jumped into a washing machine and went through a full cycle has survived the ordeal unscathed.

According to a report by the BBC, Princess the eight-week-old kitten spent an hour in her owner's washing machine but did not suffer any serious injuries.

Princess' owner, Susan Gordon, said she found the soaking tabby clinging to a pair of jeans when the washing machine door opened.

Judy Drysdale, senior veterinary surgeon at Ardene House veterinary practice on the outskirts of Aberdeen, said the kitten was shaking and suffering from a nosebleed and sore eyes when she arrived.

She said: "Princess was admitted to the hospital for emergency care, which included oxygen, and pain relief for her bruised body.

"She was also placed on heat pads to bring her core temperature up to normal."

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