Toyota Prius capable of powering a fridge

Post by Jeff on 27th July 2011 in

Toyota Prius capable of powering a fridge

Car manufacturer Toyota has unveiled a new version of its Prius, capable of powering a domestic appliance.

The Japanese company plans to start installing optional AC power points in its hybrid mid-size hatchbacks, which would allow appliances to be powered through the car's battery.

The earthquake that hit the country in March highlighted the importance for families of having access to a power source following a natural disaster. Toyota believes this is where the Prius could step in.

Following an incident, the car would be able to provide a valuable source of emergency power to keep items such as fridges and cookers running. 

At the start of last month The Mitsubishi Group said it was also looking for a way to allow owners of its i-MiEV electric cars to use the vehicle as a power source. It's expected the car's lithium-ion battery would be capable of powering an appliance requiring 1,500 watts or less.

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