Taiwan's authorities push new appliance recycling rules

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Taiwan's authorities push new appliance recycling rules

Environmental authorities in Taiwan have reminded electronics retailers in the region of their new responsibility to recycle old domestic appliances belonging to customers.

From Friday, anyone selling electronic equipment will have to offer a recycling service when buyers have goods that are no longer suitable for appliance repairs. A report by The China Post said televisions, fridges, washing machines and air conditioning units are all included in the new policy. In addition, the goods to be disposed of can be of any make and in any condition.

Consumers will not have to pay anything extra to have their old goods removed. It's hoped the move will have a positive effect and help lift recycling rates.

Ma Nien-he, executive secretary of Environmental Protection Administration's Recycling Fund Management Board, said only basic free shipping is included in the deal and consumers will not be able to arrange free washing machine repairs or fridge repairs through the service.

He said: "The new policy eliminates the limits and boundaries of different brands and quantities. For example, if a customer buys a new TV, he can require the seller to handle the recycling of the old refrigerator and/or old washing machine upon delivery of the new TV without additional charges. The company cannot refuse such a request."

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