New product could make washing machines more eco-friendly

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New product could make washing machines more eco-friendly

A component said to be capable of making washing machines more energy efficient has been launched by the Swedish engineering firm SKF Group.

The company's new polymer washing machine support unit has been designed to replace aluminium and cast iron solutions, which SKF claim will lead to energy and cost savings for manufacturers and consumers.

Washing machine repairs inside the unit should not be necessary as it has integrated bearings which are greased and sealed for life. Due to the alignment of the bearings within the unit, the drum of the washing machine and the water seal gasket, only a small amount of friction is generated when the machine is being used. This helps to deliver efficiency savings, SKF said.   

Davide Martini, home appliances segment manager, said: "With the launch of this innovative and energy saving product SKF reaffirms its presence in the home appliance industry contributing to ease of manufacture and sustainability for OEMs and end users."

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