LG washing machines come out on top again

Post by Tom on 24th June 2011 in

LG washing machines come out on top again

Survey data has revealed that washing machines made by LG Electronics sold more than any of its rivals in 2010 in many world markets, for the third consecutive year. 

Middle East business publication AMEinfo.com reported that the survey put LG washing machines at the top of the sales charts for five years running in 50 countries including Australia, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Chile, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine. 

The company also does very well in the US, where its front-loading machines have been the top sellers for the last four years. 

LG Egypt managing director Thomas Eom said: "LG washing machines are increasingly known as some of the most innovative on the market, with their smart tech, great performance and high convenience all proving a big hit with consumers. 

“Today's achievement is a tribute to the spirit of innovation at LG, along with our total dedication to listening to our customers and making their lives better."

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